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B.F.M. Srl Machine tools

B.F.M. Machine tools stems from years of experience selling top notch, top manufacturer machinery in the deswarfing field.

B.F.M. 's aim is to bring the working methodology applied on new machines back to the second hand ones, by employing skilled technicians who prepare the auditing phase of the completely reconditioned machines right at our lab, and by following the installation’s every step to the final installation.

Our mission: satisfied customers with attention to every detail


We want to offer you the highest quality through our many years of experience and a careful business organization.

Wide range of machinery

We diversify our products among countless brands and categories for every need.


We employ highly qualified internal staff, our machines are subjected to a thorough and complete review and after this process are refurbished through this process.


We offer after-sales technical assistance, maintenance services and spare parts.

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